Dear Google: can you please add two features to GMail for me?

For several years, I ran my own server to handle my email. At first it was a fun project, gave me good real-world experience, and provided flexibility that I wouldn’t have had with most hosted options. Procmail and mutt were my friends. Over time, though, it became more of a burden than it was fun to keep up with anti-spam measures, and in the grand scheme of things I just didn’t feel like spending my free time maintaining caring for and feeding a production mail server.

The death knell for my own server was the introduction of Google Apps For Your Domain. Having played with regular GMail in the past, I liked the interface and its threading model, and I buy into the philosophy of searching email archives instead of trying to organize them. For those and other reasons, moving email to Google Apps sounds like a good option, so I set up a test domain and eventually moved to Google Apps.

In short, I’ve been happy with the service and their spam filter is amazingly accurate. So I’m a happy camper, but there is one area where I’d like to see a couple of improvements: handling email list subscriptions.

I subscribe to several mail lists, and GMail’s searching and conversation threading features particularly shine when reading list traffic. Each list gets its own label and messages “skip the inbox” so I can just go through and read the lists I’m interested in as I have time. But here’s where the problems arise:

First, GMail’s filters don’t allow me to reliably drop messages from particular lists in a particular label (for GMail neophytes, think of labels as folders). For some lists I’ve subscribed to, the only way to identify that I received the message from that list is by looking for a specific header. Unfortunately, I can’t filter based on headers with GMail so the messages from those lists couldn’t be filed correctly. Even for the majority of my lists which I filter based on the list address in the “To” field, I occasionally get messages in the inbox because the list was bcc’ed for the particular message. There’s another header that still identifies the list, but I can’t act on it. So feature request one: I’d like to filter based on headers.

Second, I don’t read every message on every list. My workflow is to click on a label, scan the subject lines, and read the messages that look interesting. This leaves several unread conversations, and in the best case it takes three clicks to mark the remaining conversations as read. If I’ve been on vacation or not reading list traffic for a couple days and the messages expand past the first list screen, it takes more work to mark them as read. So feature request two: while browsing a label, I’d like a “Catch Up” or “Mark All As Read” button right up there next to the Delete button.

GMail is inherently a natural fit for managing an email account that subscribes to mail lists. The search is great, and the conversation interface is wonderful for following threads. With the addition of header-based filtering and a quick way to mark everything from a list as read, it would be truly fantastic.