It’s been a while

Wow, well over a year since I’ve posted anything here. I guess I’m just not cool enough to truly jump on the blogging bandwagon!

Since I feel, for some reason, obligated to add something new at least once per calendar year, let me just say this:

Thank you, Sun Microsystems, for Solaris 10.

Seriously, Solaris 10 may be the best operating system ever. Zones, by themselves, would make this release of Solaris a Big Deal. But as an added bonus, we get ZFS as well. And while I haven’t quite figured out DTrace yet, it’s also a valuable new addition. I’m sure Sun’s marketing department would also want you to know about hundreds of other new features, but Zones and ZFS are what have been keeping me busy and having fun.

And don’t forget, it’s all open source now, so nobody has any reason not to run it!